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Rolling Hills Greenhouse

Rolling Hills Greenhouse is a family run business near West Union, Iowa. We grow lettuce and cutting herbs in our greenhouse year around to stock shelves in local grocery stores. 

We are a family who loves fresh lettuce salads, but that isn't what started us on the adventure. When we came to Iowa in 2010, all we knew about was growing wheat and corn on Kansas farmland. But land prices were too high in Fayette county, and there seemed to be an opening in the greenhouse business. So as soon as the corn was off he field behind our Iowan home, construction on the greenhouse began. What a learning curve! However, we have enjoyed the challenge, and certainly the salads that have come in for the table. 

At first, we were able to keep up with the work of seeding, harvesting, and planting ourselves, but as the business has grown, we have added to the crew and thus to our friendships. Now we couldn't do it without the help of our wonderful team! 

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