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Herb Care

How should you care for your herb pot when you bring it home? Just set it in your kitchen in a shallow dish. Water as needed and enjoy fresh herbs in your cooking!

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Mar 31, 2023

Can you plant outside in ground after temperatures are continuously 40-60 degrees


Anne Varberg
Anne Varberg
Dec 09, 2022

Your potted herbs are much higher quality than what the other stores carry - I go out of my way to get yours!

I've been getting better at knowing how to harvest the herbs to keep them growing. Pinching off the basil daily works really well. I'm getting more dill growing after one big chop, and weeding out really well. What works best for the cilantro? Does it need support to grow well, or is it ok just flopping over? I've never had good luck with growing rosemary (indoors or out), so any tips for that are really appreciated too :) I have all the pots in a south window in a plastic dish of water.

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